Facility Planning & Positioning

Facility Planning & Positioning

HVS Asset Management - Newport will assist you by providing a hotel operator’s perspective to the development phase of your project. HVS Asset Management - Newport provides exceptional Facilities Planning, Architectural & FF&E Design Review and Concept Positioning Recommendations.

Facilities Planning & Architectural Design Review

We work with you to develop the concept and the architectural plans by focusing at first on the concept to maximize its appropriateness for the site and the market.

HVS Asset Management - Newport will work closely with your architects to make sure that industry standards are met, that blue prints reflect an efficient work flow for hotel operations, and that the overall design of the facility is aesthetically pleasing and operationally efficient. This will include such details, for example, as the location of back-of-the-house functions, kitchen size and design, laundry layout and location of electrical and plumbing as it relates to the operation of the hotel. It will be critical that our review and advice be sought in enough time to implement the changes that we recommend in order not to incur additional costs for the project.

FF&E Design Review

If an interior designer has not been chosen we can recommend several designers, including but not limited to HVS Design, that are capable of bringing an exciting interior to the project at a cost that is economically feasible. HVS coordinates with the selected interior designer to make sure that designs are aesthetically pleasing and enhance the concept and uniqueness of the project. We will work with the designer and Brand as they plan the hotel rooms, Food & Beverage component, conference rooms, & public areas finishes to be appropriate for the target market, and that the recommended products will provide the desired style and durability at the best negotiated price. The back-of-the-house facilities will be reviewed for efficiency, functionality and capacity. We will review the budgets for the FF&E for reasonableness and value.