Food & Beverage

Hotel Food and Beverage Services

In order to make our restaurants succeed, we adhere to following the guidance of three very simple words: creativity, quality and consistency. These same principles apply to liquor outlets, room service and banquet areas.

Creativity to Spare

Each hotel has a unique location, target market and local culture that can and should be integrated into the hotel's outlets. In the end, creativity—as we see it—ensures that the restaurants, lounges, and catering at each and every hotel meet the needs of our potential guest.

Quality from Every Angle

Quality is defined by the people we hire, the products we purchase and the service we provide. We select our employees carefully and provide rigorous training and supervision. Quality products are used in our restaurants, lounges, and meeting/banquet space because we demand them and we train our employees to find them.

Consistency is Key

What makes a good restaurant or event memorable? Consistency. We maintain consistency by training and recruiting a qualified and caring staff and by implementing the right procedures and systems into the whole food and beverage operation.