Human Resources & Training

Hotels and Resorts accomplish their goals through the on-site staff so maximizing each employee's potential as an individual and as a team member is a key to maximizing the profitability of the hotel or resort.

Our team has helped many hotels and resorts develop and implement customized training and retention programs.

Success is further tied to well-drafted policies and procedures that are tailored to the hotel’s vision and mission. These tools serve as a reference point for its service standards, serve as a basis for training and human resource development, and serve as a foundation for executing the hotel’s or resorts’ strategic plan.

To that end, our team has helped many hotel operators and owners hone their training and personnel development programs by undertaking the following:

  1. Help identify the property’s vision, and mission
  2. Obtain acceptance and commitment to the mission and vision among staff
  3. Work with property staff to develop and document policies and procedures
  4. Develop the training materials specifically to support the policies and procedures. These include the key performance measurements for each position to be trained and are targeted to the company’s strategic goals, mission, and vision
  5. Provide technological assistance to publish the policies, procedures, and training materials as a password-protected web-based interactive system in order to make distribution and updating more efficient.

The HVS team coaches, makes recommendations, provides best practices, and provides extensive material but the final content and documentation must be the property’s product to ensure commitment and successful execution by the hotel’s or resort’s staff.