Your Hotel Management Company Of Choice

Following our management philosophy every step of the way, HVS Hotel Management provides hotel management services to a wide variety of hotels and resorts in a number of different locations.We have the capacity to maximize cash flow and return on investment for your property, thus increasing its value. The following gives you information on how we do it.

Getting to know the Property

A visit to the property is the first step we take. The goal of this first visit is to gain a complete understanding of the physical facilities, their condition, the market environment, operating procedures, and existing management personnel. From this point, we are able to formulate and begin to implement the changes that will be necessary to operate the hotel or resort more efficiently and maximize revenues.

Business Planning & Execution

Thorough planning for a hotel is imperative if the property is to reach its operating potential. HVS Hotel Management ensures a business plan is completed annually, but updated throughout the year, and includes specific details on the market, capital improvement needs and detailed operating projections. We use activity calendars for planning and future monitoring to support the hotel's marketing plan, operating budget, and capital plan.

Property Visits

We visit the property on both regularly scheduled and an unscheduled follow-up basis. We do this for the purpose of inspection, consultations with management personnel, and ongoing operations and marketing reviews. Our quality control process also includes regular visits by anonymous guests who then complete a report for us. This allows us to see our hotels through a customer experience.

Volume Purchasing Agreements

Whenever practical, we negotiate volume-purchasing agreements. Some hotels managed by HVS Hotel Management are franchised. This means we take full advantage of the franchisor purchasing programs. Where possible we arrange marketing and other hotel operations purchases in conjunction with other hotels we manage. When such arrangements provide a discount, those savings are prorated to the properties benefited. No fees, commissions or other arrangements are charged or collected to benefit the management company for these services and our contract specifically forbids "Hidden Fees."

Renovating and Refurbishing

With our knowledge of current trends and products in the hotel and resort industry, we are adept in planning and supervising the renovation and refurbishments of properties. Redecorating and refurbishing work may be done by hotel employees, contractors or design firms—depending on the project’s scope. Fees, if any, depend on the scope of the work and the level of our responsibility.