Our Approach

Our Approach to the Success of Your Hotel

We have a passionate philosophy about all of our services. Here is information about just a few components so you can understand and be confident in our approach. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Sales & Marketing

We don’t market for every hotel. We market for your hotel. We know that hotel marketing is unique and specific for each and every hotel so the plan must be designed around each and every hotel’s marketing needs. We devise specific marketing strategies so your hotel has a transparent and detailed plan of action. The thoroughness of our marketing plan process translates into an efficient and effective marketing effort, one we watch closely, ensuring that the entire staff fully understands the plan. We believe the staff is your very best marketing tool, but our support staff also follow the marketing trends, diagnosing marketing needs and following up with hotel staff frequently.

Food & Beverage

When managed properly, a hotel’s restaurant and banquet facilities do more than simply provide food and beverages to hotel guests. The outlets should attract attention to the hotel on their own if at all possible. Eating at an on-site restaurant is often the first impression restaurant guests have of a hotel, and if it’s presented well, these restaurant guests become potential hotel or catering guests. To make this happen we stress creativity, quality and consistency. These same principles apply to bars, room service and banquet areas. Creativity means making sure your restaurants, lounges, and catering meet the needs of your customer. The people, the products, and the service must express quality. Consistency also makes a good restaurant and catering notable so we stress implementing the proper procedures, recruiting people who are competent and caring, and providing careful and thorough training.


While accounting needs to provide an accurate historical and financial position of a hotel, that accounting information, well-presented, can be used by management to compare past performance, make strategic decisions, and work toward future goals. The Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, endorsed by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, is the gold-standard to present hotel financial information. Additionally, statistics that are useful in analyzing the financial statements must be provided. Full supplementary schedules and any backup documentation are critical to the Owner, Operator, and Asset Manager. Tight internal and cash controls, combined with strong manager responsibility, are key to maximizing profitability so we insist upon adherence to strict procedures.

Maintenance and Energy Management

Preventive maintenance for your hotel is key to maximizing guest satisfaction and the hotel's economic life. The quality and condition of your hotel is top of our mind so careful attention is paid to maintenance planning and execution but we also keep the return on your investment at the forefront so your hotel’s value is secured for the short-, medium-, and long-term.

We carefully implement and enforce energy management by monitoring the hotel's energy consumption and enforcing and monitoring procedures. Energy suppliers are consulted to insure that full advantage is being taken of all available programs and all economically-viable technology. Guest satisfaction is always a central consideration in energy management decisions.


Our people are what enable HVS Hotel Management and HVS Asset Management – Newport to provide our exceptional service for you. The same is true for your hotels: their success is achieved by the people who are employed there. Hiring the right staff and then maximizing each employee's potential as an individual and as a team member is a key to maximizing the profitability of each hotel.

A strong, effective, and thorough orientation helps ensure that each new employee starts with a sound foundation and connection to the property where they work. As part of that orientation, we insist each employee and their family, spend a night in the hotel. We also recommend monthly employee activities for the entire staff because a strong relationship and bond with co-workers stimulates a positive work environment and a positive environment for your guests


Branding can be an important part of the marketing of any type of lodging property whether you have a license agreement for a national or international brand or your hotel is its own brand. The brand, individual or licensed, is a key foundation of the hotel’s identity and is central to marketing, training, and standards in order to maximize revenue and the value of the hotel.

Sale of Your Hotel

If you intend to sell a hotel, we will work closely with the owner and brokers to facilitate the sale and the closing. This includes working with the owner and the broker to decide where to spend available capital so that the hotel shows well. Staff - management in particular - are carefully trained on interactions with prospective buyers as we are mindful we may be perceived as agents of the seller and representations made by staff may be wrong or misinterpreted. We may be working ourselves out of a contract when you sell your hotel, but the client’s goals are primary for all of our staff so we work diligently to assist you to maximize value.