Performance Analysis

HVS Hotel Management’s premier service, Performance Analysis is a detailed and extensive operational and marketing review of a hotel, resort, or conference center to identify opportunities in sales and marketing efforts, revenue management, operational inefficiencies, physical condition and quality, service deficiencies, life safety issues, improper and wasteful payroll scheduling, and other conditions negatively impacting profit and value or the guest experience.

HVS Hotel Management has conducted this extensive and detailed operations analysis for hotels, resorts, and conference centers. It provides the owner and operator with completed checklists with best practices tailored to every department and function in the property. If we determine that the best practice is not in place, the report will provide an explanation of its value and a recommendation for implementation.

The Performance Analysis is a tool that can provide any hotel, resort, or conference center with unparalleled specificity of the critical components and steps needed to improve the property’s operational and financial performance.

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