Asset Management

A Winner Among Hotel Asset Management Companies

While markets are uncertain and change every day, HVS Asset Management provides the stability to manage your hospitality assets to your best possible advantage.

Call us for a stable, knowledgeable company whose staff knows the market and the industry. As your Asset Manager, we will advise you on the market, the operations, and the financial management of your hotel to improve both cash flow and value and achieve any other goals you may have. Whether you are the owner, a lender, or another stakeholder, your goals are our goals.

What do we do? We look for opportunities to maximize cash flow while maintaining or improving quality. We also seek to improve and/or enhance the physical attributes of the hotel or resort. We carefully monitor the on-site property manager regularly to ensure that the performance and maintenance of your valuable asset are optimized.


Maximizing Revenue and Profits

Our game-changing Asset Management service combines analysis of sales and marketing with revenue management and a plan to capitalize on the hotel’s challenges and opportunities. Cash flow maximization includes everything from ensuring that we capture profitable revenue, control expenses, forecast cash flow realistically, implement weekly cash sweeps, and challenge real estate taxes and insurance costs.


Performance Analysis

HVS Asset Management proprietary service, Performance Analysis is a detailed and exhaustive operational and marketing review of a hotel, resort, or conference center to identify opportunities in sales and marketing efforts, revenue management, operational inefficiencies, physical condition and quality, service deficiencies, life safety issues, improper and wasteful payroll scheduling, reporting, communication, and any other conditions negatively impacting profit and value or the guest experience. (Link to HPA Flyer)


Capital Planning

Our experienced team assists you and your property team to create targeted and beneficial capital plans and then assist in developing the timing and execution of capital projects. These projects are always planned to minimize the guest impact and limit the time that rooms and income-generating space are off-line.


Exit Strategies

With access to all the resources of HVS, with its unparalleled valuation reputation and our Brokerage division, we are able to provide you with accurate, up-to-date property values to time your exit through a sale.