Consulting & Advisory

Hotel Management Consultants Cover All Your Bases

Hotel Performance Analysis

Providing essential information you need to make strategic decisions

The Hotel Performance Analysis identifies issues and opportunities, makes recommendations, and proposes specific strategies to maximize revenue, financial performance, and operational efficiencies of the Asset, all while providing the most appropriate levels of quality and service.

What we do:
  • Meet with key staff and tour the hotel to gather granular information
  • Assess the existence of best practices in operations, revenue maximization, human resources, expense management, quality and service
  • Review Physical Condition and Product Quality Assessment
  • Alert to potential hazards presented by life safety, preventive maintenance, market changes, and other unknowns
  • Recommendations to maximize cash flow, asset value, and your specific goals

Summary Report & Best Practices providing an extensive written analysis including an assessment and guidance regarding all areas with specific and detailed discussion of findings recommendations to implement best practices tailored to the owner’s goals.

Hotel Situation Analysis

For Lenders & Buyers - You can save time and headaches by entrusting HVS Asset Management to provide the essential information you need to make important decisions about a hotel potentially coming into your portfolio.

The “Hotel Situation Analysis” provides a broad understanding of a hotel’s current situation to use in your strategic planning, without extraneous or unnecessary information that would only add time and cost to the process.

You will receive:
  • Insights into existing operations, revenue maximization, and expense management
  • Guest service assessment
  • Physical condition and product quality assessment
  • Alerts to potential hazards presented by life safety, preventive maintenance, market changes, and other unknowns
  • Recommendations to maximize cash flow and/or asset value
  • Customized to your timeline, even providing verbal reports to get you the information you need quickly
We identify your challenges and opportunities swiftly while providing a high-quality, actionable analysis to help you:
  • Complete Your Due Diligence
  • Identify Opportunities and Risk
  • Evaluate Your Options and Plan Negotiations

What a Client Had to Say About our Analysis

"The information provided was exactly what we needed... when we needed it."


Strategic Planning & Repositioning

Hotel Strategic Planning prepares you for success.

Maximize your hotel’s potential with the help of expert professionals with decades of experience - dedicated to your success. Our hotel strategic planning pros can help you create a shrewd road map for the investment.

How do we do it? We focus on the details. Your market, your capital improvement needs, your operating history, your ownership timeline, and your specific goals. We then make monitoring, planning, and execution easier with activity calendars and budget.


Expert Witness & Litigation

Our staff has extensive experience assisting attorneys with hotel industry information, practices, and analysis to support litigation involving hotels, resorts, and conference centers. That litigation experience includes operations, contract practices, marketing, financial structure, mortgage reviews, development, and financial statement reviews among many more hospitality topics. Our staff members are also experienced testifying in both courtroom and administrative hearings.