Hotel Management

Your Hotel Management Company Of Choice

HVS Hotel Management provides hotel management services to a wide variety of hotels and resorts in a number of different locations. We have the capacity to maximize cash flow and return on investment for your property, thus increasing its value. How we do it:

Understand the Property & Market, Business Planning & Execution, Regular Property Visits, Renovation and Refurbishing Experience


Maximizing Revenue and Profits

The first step is maximizing revenue but cash flow maximization includes everything from revenue management and expense control to regular cash flow forecasting and weekly cash sweeps to challenging real estate taxes and insurance costs. Additionally, we make debt service and other payments for the owner and assist in debt renegotiation.

How We Do It - Focused Attention to Detail
  • Maximize the property staff’s energy and motivation for success.
  • Maintain and improve the physical condition of your hotel by monitoring physical maintenance activities and thorough and timely completion of capital expenditure projects.
  • Help you develop and then communicate your goals to the staff and subsequently encourage their achievement.
  • Maximize profitable revenue and minimize unnecessary costs, without affecting quality or service.
  • Maximize value via repositioning, expansion, adaptive re-use of spaces, remodeling, refinancing and reviews of other revenue opportunities and costs of ownership.

Accounting and Reporting

Our services are customized specifically to your needs. When it comes to reports, we provide weekly reports with information you need without having to wait for the middle of the following month. Additionally, owners can view their financial data anytime online.


Food and Beverage

To ensure the success of our food and beverage operations, we adhere to following the guidance of three very simple words: creativity, quality, and consistency. These principles apply to restaurants, bars, room service, and banquet areas.


Human Resources and Training

Hotels and Resorts accomplish your goals through the on-site staff so maximizing each employee's performance as an individual and as a team member is key to maximizing profitability.

Success is further tied to well-drafted policies and procedures that are tailored to the hotel’s vision and mission. These tools serve as a reference point and foundation for recruiting, service standards, training and human resource development, and executing the strategic plan. The HVS support team coaches, makes recommendations, provides best practices, and provides extensive tools and resources that enhance success.